Lapis sa kalye

FB_IMG_1461181777701Lapis Sa Kalye founded Dec 31, 2010 is a brainchild project of Arwin Dela Cruz and Al Joseph Lumen. Started on a new year’s eve as they were reminiscing the past when their Filipino teacher Ma’am Monticalvo asked them to write short stories and recite them in front of the class.


January first of 2011 the facebook page Lapis sa kalye was created by the two of them with 10 likes which obviously belonged to their closest friends. They began posting quirky articles and short stories under the pseudonyms “Dudong Daga” and “Kunis Salonga.” With the help of their friends, the power of social media and wait ahem…. their bestfriend Mark Zuckerberg, they captured the hearts of the jejemon cult to like and share LSK’s not so funny and not so intelligent posts. As they went on, they met some other writers online: Cindy Dela Cruz, Anti’Nyakis, Mariyey del Rio, Hinaharap, Wind Up Bird, Seksing Patatas, Matalabong Kwago and Anino.


After 5 years of macho dancing online and posting pictures of dead nails they decided to work on a project which happened to be their first book, “Pendulum“. It is a novel written by all of LSK writers about Pilaes S. Yalak the main antagonist/protagonist. A famous writer who underwent psychiatric medication. After a year they produced another book which is a collection of short stories entitled “Titser, May I Go Out?” shortly after they released another anthology called “Disminoriya: Modernong Maria Clara” which for them is special for its the first time they did collaborated with the other writers outside the group who were submitting stories to their page.

Some other releases were as follows; “31st” by Cindy Dela Cruz, “Siya” by Gab Barrantes and “D.D (Kwento, Karanasan, kalokohan, kashitan)” by Dudong Daga. 

Lapis Sa Kalye writers are continuing to grow with a  mission to give quality Filipino Literature as it opens its door to aspiring new writers. New members consists of Frozen Hart, Rayatroniko, Luz V. Minda, Tanikala, Positivo Uno, Gab Barrantes, Tagabatis, Buddy Relorcasa and Karla Peña.

Lapis sa Kalye is promoting Filipino Literature and encouraging young writers to pursue their passion and write as much as they want to. As Dudong Daga have said “Basa lang nang basa at sulat lang nang sulat” which is also the slogan of the group.

Lapis Sa Kalye’s books are available online, Bookay-ukay, Bookfellas and Pandayan Bookshop Nationwide. Support Filipino writers, support Filipino Literature!


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