The Abstract Of Jupiter


3 months ago someone tagged me in a post from a Facebook group “Literature VS Cancer” whose main advocacy is to help Aedan Pio, a talented 4 year old abstract painter. Aedan is fighting a rare type of cancer – Chordoma, an uncommon type of bone cancer and he has it around his brain stem.

The goal is to gather short stories and poem from 800 writers. Who am I to refuse this calling to participate and help a lovely angel, Aedan, and so i sent some of my writings.

On May 19, 2016, the book project “Abstract Jupiter: An Anthology For The Cause Of Aedan Pio” was launched wherein two of my short stories are part of this book, “Piano” from “D.D (Kwento.Karanasan.Kalokohan.Kashitan) and “Super Astig”.

I’m proud to be part of this project. Especially when i heard the news that the first print outs of the book are sold out and they are now currently releasing the second batch. And so i invite you guys to support and help Aedan in his happy journey fighting cancer.


I want to help people who needs help through writing and reading my stories.

So to you who reads this blog, I challenge you to participate in something big. I want you to make a difference. I want you to start something new. I want you to write with no hesitation. To write freely. You are limitless and you are a beautiful piece.

“Good day!”



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