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Buka is an inspirational writing talk that was first held in PUP Sta. Mesa last 07/28/2016, it’s a brainchild project by Verlin Santos of Titik and Ansherina Jazul of  Kalye Thoughts.

Its objective is to promote poetry/spoken poetry, writing stories, support of Filipino writers, to uplift Philippine literature and to give inspirational drive to all students to read and write.

The workshop also focuses on composition of spoken poetry; writing poems traditionally or in modern form. Some of the topics include:

1. Why we write?
2. Techniques to fight writers block
3. Image, Symbol and Metaphor
4. Length and Rhyme
5. Rhetoric


Buka also aims to educate students regarding current issues of the country.


We believe that writing and spoken poetry is not just to about entertainment, but also to educate and celebrate how rich the Filipino culture is.


Verlin Santos
Rommel Pamaos
Al Joseph Lumen
Ansherina Jazul
Rian Magtaan
Ian Sudiacal

This would not have been successful without the help of Papel, Lapis Artcom, Betsin-Artparasites, KM64, Bukambibig, Ampalaya Monologues, The Artidope and Lapis sa kalye.


“We are the historians, writers of the future, story tellers of our generations and pride of our people.”

Buka is ongoing and scheduled this coming Aug 30 at Informatics Cavite and Sept 3 at CEU Manila. For invites and inquires message us at Kalye thoughts.


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